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The end of August, marked  another year since the last annual meeting of the Union of Latvian Baptists in
America, and another year of service for the Latvian Baptists in America Women’s ministries.   Our work this
past year has been fruitful and richly blessed.   The women of our congregations and supporters of our work
opened their hearts to support financially and with their prayers our four projects in Latvija and Rincón in
Due to the sizeable economic crisis in Latvia, our support for the soup kitchens operating in Latvian churches
has been particularly meaningful.  More and more people have been standing and waiting in lines  outside
these soup kitchens to receive daily sustenance, while receiving a tangible expression of God’s love and in
some cases also hearing about His love by spoken word.
         Your support for organizing a special camp for 30
children and young people with special needs became a
reality.  God blessed this camp which took place at the
Pelču special school.  Children came from Rīga,
Ventspils, Valmiera, Cēsīs, Daugavpils, Ogre, Tukums,
Liepāja and Kuldīga.  These children have a variety of
conditions:  impaired movement, cerebral palsy, learning
disabilities and others.   The majority of these children
were at a Christian camp for the first time, and some for
the first time at camp.
We continue to receive thank you letters from rural
church pastors and their families,  who you also
support.  You can imagine how meaningful your support
is to these families during the current economic crisis.  
     Your support to the Latvian Sunday schools
has brought many blessings, since this support
enabled us to help with organizing Vacation Bible
schools, which is a tremendous opportunity for
Support for all of these initiatives is especially
important today, since Latvia is being heavily
impacted by the economic crisis – many families
and many churches are being affected.  Many
people are being laid off from jobs, including
younger workers, salaries for doctors and
teachers are being dramatically reduced.   
Pensions are being reduced 20% and 70% for
those who are still working.   Hospitals in some
smaller towns are being shut, meaning that
people no longer receive needed medical care
locally, but have to travel to the larger cities to
receive care.   
People have many difficulties in these circumstances.  Today especially, the work of the Women’s ministries of the
Union of Latvian Baptists in Amerca is truly meaning to those who desperately need help.

We have not forgotten to support the infant schools that operate in local churches.  This is a large opportunity for
evangelism both with the children as well as their parents.  The Vīlandes church operates one of these schools,
which we have diligently supported, and this school will continue to operate in the future.  I would like to announce
a new initiative that is closely linked to the operation of the infant schools, and will start in this new school year.  
The idea for this initiative is already taking shape at the Vīlandes school, where a team of teachers is already
starting to work with a small group of special needs children.  Right now this is a group of children ages 2-4.  
Participation in this group would be free of charge.    The teachers and workers would also work as volunteers,
making this a true work of sacrificial service.  There has already been consultation with chilren’s doctors, physical
therapists who are supporting this initiative with their advice and suggestions.   Currently in Latvia, this is the only
initiative of this kind where the children can participate at no cost.  This initiative will provide mothers with the
opportunity to get away from their homes to be together with their children.  Information on this program was
published on the internet, and already 6 children has signed up.  Two of these children have impaired physical
movement,  one girl with severely impaired vision, a little boy with brain damage and a young girl with severe
digestive problems.
A mother had come to the Vīlandes school to determine if
she would be able to participate with her three year old son
in this group.  The boy has serious brain damage, which
means that he can only lie down and has not yet started to
roll or crawl.  The mom said that she knows her child is very
sick, and for this reason there probably will not be a spot for
him at this school.  Yet, she is ready to take the bus every
week for a 30km ride to come to the school.  She asked that
the school accept her boy, because the school is so
necessary and they do not have the money to attend other
activities.  She also said that if a song is sung, you can see
the child respond.   The teachers then sang – “Thank you
Lord for the night and the bright morning’s light;  for home,
for Daddy, for Mommy, and all that You provide.”  While the
teachers were singing, the little boy’s face broke into a  
broad smile!
    This ministry requires financial support.  To purchase all of the necessary materials for the activities with these
children will require 20Ls (about $40) each month.  To best prepare  for work with these children, special physical
therapy balls are needed, as well as other essentials for work with these special needs children.  The question is
– will there be individuals ready to support an individual child, or the overall work of the Vīlandes infant school.  
Let’s pray that God will open hearts that there would be support for these children!
     ** The Treasurer of the Union of Latvian Baptists in America – Ģirts Stūrmanis; 271 Winthrop Lane, Wayne,
PA 19087.  Please make the check payable to “Union of Latvian Baptists in America”, and on your check note the
initiative or initiatives to which you would like to direct your donation.  
      ** Please note if the donation is a personal donation, from your congregation or from a women’s ministry

If you have any questions, I will gladly answer.  My e-mail address is:

With gratitude for each and every supporter – financial or prayer –

Benita Ukstiņš, Chair, Women’s Ministries of the Union of Latvian Baptists in America.
The mission work of the Rincón mission in Bolivia also
continues, along with the continued need for support
there.  The political situation there threatens to put new
boundaries on the work, but there is still time for the school
at Rincón to continue its work of evangelism.  The doors
are open – let’s give God’s people an opportunity to work
and continue to reach souls for the Lord.
If God has spoken to you and you wish to support one of
these initiatives of the Women’s Ministries of the Union of
Latvian Baptists in America:  Latvia soup kitchens, infant
shools, rural pastors and their families, Sunday schools,  
camps for special needs children, and now the Vīlandes
infants school for special needs children, the Rincón
mission work, please send your donations:
Mission Work in Rincon del Tigre (Bolivia)  Link:  http://rincondeltigre.org